Banana substitutes in banana bread

If you’re set on a specific recipe that calls for the standard two or three mashed bananas, you can replace one or two of them with applesauce (1/2 cup equals 1 banana). If you don’t have applesauce either, or just aren’t a fan, you could also try substituting Greek yogurt (plain, but flavors like vanilla or banana make sense too), sour cream, mashed avocado, whisked silken tofu, or pumpkin puree; they all add roughly the same sort of body and moisture as bananas, but when using substitutions that are sugar-free and/or tangy, you’ll probably want to add a little extra sweetener to the batter than the recipe calls for. Conversely, if you choose to swap in pureed prunes for some of the banana, you may want to scale back on the sweetener, since the prunes have a lot of natural sugar.